My Story

Chele Sterban...

An artist whose music effectively and successfully cuts across stylistic lines and is enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their musical preference or taste, is rare indeed.  Chele is just that artist!


Chele grew up traveling in full-time music ministry with her family group, “The Kindlers”.  They traveled across the country seeing souls saved, hearts changed and people healed and encouraged.  “It’s always so satisfying leaving a service or concert, having just ministered your heart out to a lost soul that got saved or to someone who just needed an encouraging word or smile, knowing that you’re doing exactly what God put you on this earth for…” said Chele.


Chele left her family group to marry her sweetheart, Rich Sterban.  Rich has a musical background also, his dad being the bass singer for the Oak Ridge Boys, but feels his calling is off the stage, not on.  They have 2 beautiful and talented children, Mali and Nikolas.  They’re all actively involved in ministries at their home church, CornerstoneNashville ( in Nashville, Tn.  They’re loved and respected by the congregation and (former) Pastor Maury Davis & Pastor Galen Davis. Keeping the family together, Chele travels with Rich and the kids whenever possible.  Rich acts as business mgr. for the ministry and also runs sound when Chele ministers in song.


So, is Chele a Country or Southern Gospel singer?  Not exactly.  Is she a Contemporary Christian singer?  Not exactly.  Chele is unique combination of all of the above and more.  Chele is Chele.  A concert/service by Chele Sterban is a unique musical experience that will leave you refreshed, inspired and blessed!  For more info on how you can have Chele come to your church, phone: 615-243-7110, email: or