To Whom It May Concern:

In regard to Chele Sterban's ministry, I have had the privilege of serving as her pastor for decades and have watched her move from a single woman traveling in ministry with her family to a married woman and mother of two wonderful children, both developing her family, her commitment to the local church ministry as well as maintaining her travel schedule.  There are two or three things that Chele always brings to the table.  First of all, she brings a vocal quality that very few vocalists have.  Secondly, she brings a passion for the cause of Christ that goes far beyond personal self-exaltation to truly serving the body and the ministry that she serves with.  Thirdly, she brings an anointing that is very unique and missing in so many people's lives.

I trust that as you consider Chele for your music ministry, you will give her sincere and complete consideration.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me here at the church (615)865-6655

Sincerely in Christ,
Maury Davis
Cornerstone Nashville


To Whom It May Concern:

In order to expect someone might listen to your words of commendation concerning another, I suppose there first needs to be at least a semblance of ministry credibility preceding those comments. Therefore, I submit the following brief paragraph - hoping it will serve as credentials for my following comments concerning Chele Sterban…

Most of my life has been spent in music ministry as an artist, songwriter, and for a number of years as head of one of Gospel Music's most successful publishing companies. Over the years it has been my privilege to work with many of the leading names in Christian Music, including Bill Gaither and Dottie Rambo. I have also been blessed to have songs recorded by a host of artists from the Happy Goodman Family, Kingsmen, Doug Oldham, to Grand Ole Opry Star Connie Smith. Now, with that said, I'd like to introduce you to one of the greatest talent’s - and one of the greatest Christian ladies in Christian Music today…Chele Sterban. 

I have known Chele since her teen-age years. I have watched the film-strip of her life play out and have never once seen anything other than total dedication to the cause of Jesus Christ. Chances are, if you're meeting Chele for the first time, you will be surprised to notice after the first three minutes that it will seem like you've known her all your life. A beautiful lady with a beautiful smile, a beautiful gift, but more importantly, a beautiful spirit. 

Chele began her career singing with her family. After signing with Morningstar Records in Nashville a few years ago, The Kindlers' first radio release brought them two Horizon Award nominations for best new group in Gospel Music. The song that made it happen was, “I Won't Trade the Old Rugged Cross (To Sing Your Cheatin' Heart)”. Although the song was great, it was Chele's vocal gymnastics that turned everyone's head and kept the song in the top ten for ten weeks in the mecca of country music, NashvilleTN, not to mention played from coast to coast and walked up the Singing News Charts to #16.

When it comes to shear vocal ability, Chele Sterban can stand shoulder to shoulder with any artist on any stage, anywhere, anytime, and as we like to say in the business, “blow the doors off”! There's only one word that defines her talent and spirit...that word is “incredible”! I will not hold it against anyone who thinks my personal assessment is hype. After hearing her sing the first will be in total agreement. 

For over fifteen years, Chele has been an integral part of the music program of Cornerstone Church in Nashville working with the choir, the praise team and as a featured soloist. Touring has been subjugated to being a wife and a mother. Chele is married to Rich Sterban, who – incidentally - is the oldest son of Oak Ridge Boys bass singer, Richard Sterban. Rich and Chele have two children, Mali (14) and Nikolas (9), who often join Chele on stage. As one would expect, like their mom, both kids are mega-talented. 

In recent years Christian music, like other genres, has gone through incredible stylistic changes. The old hymns have given way to Contemporary, Praise & Worship, and everything in between. But whatever the genre or style, Chele can deliver. No one can ring more spiritual emotion out of an old hymn than Chele Sterban...and the next minute, have everyone on their feet with the latest Praise & Worship, Contemporary, Southern or ClassyGrass song, all performed with simplicity, power and grace.

Although I could go on for several pages, Shakespeare said, “Brevity is the spice of wit”, so I shall close with this...Cornerstone Nashville Churchalways has a magnificent Memorial Day service. A couple of years ago, Chele was asked to sing the National Anthem. When she finished, it was more than a standing ovation. It was a patriotic explosion. Since that service, every time I watch a ballgame or have occasion to listen to someone sing the “Star Spangled Banner”, it’s always measured against Chele's Memorial Day performance. So far, no one has even came close! My advice is - book her! Now! You won't be sorry!


To Whom It May Concern:



It is my pleasure to write this letter on behalf of Chele Sterban.


I have known Chele for 20+ years, since she was a young lady and singing with her family “The Kindlers”.  


Once Chele began her solo career we were very excited to have her come and sing for us at the Vandiver Church of God.


Chele is an anointed, wonderful singer.  I think the best words that could describe her is that she is full of joy and she shares that joy wherever she goes.


We have had Chele at our church on numerous occasions and she has not failed to be ready to minister, and many hearts have been touched by her ministry.


In my experience, Chele has proven herself to be an honest, hard-working young lady.  She loves her family and is a positive role model for others.





Bishop David Houston


To Whom It May Concern,

I have known Chele for many years now and she has ministered in my churches many times over those years that I have known her.  I have always said that her voice is one of the finest that I have ever heard.  She has pure quality in her voice that is amazing.  Not only does Chele’ have a great voice, but she has a wonderful heart and passion for singing to, and about her Lord.  When Chele’ sings, she leads others to worship.  I have been privileged to have hosted many singers over the years and many I do not have a second time.  I have always told Chele’ that wherever I am, she is welcome to come and sing.  I would highly recommend that you bring Chele’ to your church and let your people hear  one of the finest voices around and experience her passion for singing about her Lord!


Rick McKinney

Minister of Music

Highland Drive Baptist Church

Jonesboro, Arkansas

To Whom It May Concern,

Chele has been with us Restoration Christian Fellowship in Warrior, Alabama several times over the past few years.  Our congregation really enjoys her style, but most of all the anointing of the Holy Spirit which is so evident as Chele ministers! If you are looking for entertainment, I wouldn't suggest Chele 's ministry,but, if you are looking for truly anointed ministry, then she is just the right person.  Not only is the ministry so anointed but the joy that Chele brings, along with her smile, will warm the hearts of all who listen.
Of course, you can't mention Chele without talking about her fabulous voice.  I have been listening to Chele sing since she was 12 years and she sang with her Mom and Dad.  Her songs, singing, smile, anointing, and love for people will have your congregation grateful to have been in any service in which Chele ministers.  Feel free to contact me for a personal reference if needed.
Pastor Rick Vinson,
Restoration Christian Fellowship
Warrior, Alabama