Press Release


Chele Sterban is a ministering singer, a mom, a sister and a believer in God’s power to fully restore and heal today.

In mid-December of 2015, Chele performed a principle role in her church’s theatrical Christmas production, only to find herself a week later to be in the throes of a sudden seizure in the middle of the night.  Rushed first to a nearby hospital, she was then transported to a major medical center in Nashville where she was medically induced into a coma to prevent more seizures from happening.  Her brain was swelling, her body was swelling, and she was experiencing septic shock as the infection in her blood was affecting all her organs. 

Chele’s church and her family began to pray that her life would be spared and that she would be healed and restored to full functioning—which, at the time, looked improbable.  The medical community surrounding her searched earnestly for the cause of her condition—eventually diagnosed as an unspecified viral encephalitis.  

After four days in ICU and a total of ten days in the hospital, where she had no memory of recent events—including her major role in the recent church production—and difficulty recognizing people and overall confusion, she was released to begin what could have been a very long process that normally does not even begin until up to two years.  The outcome often leaves one neurologically devastated and in a probable vegetative state. 

Defying all odds for recovery, Chele improved daily, regaining a steady ability to walk and talk.  By late January 2016—only six weeks from the time this all began, an MRI and EEG proved that only a small patch of inflammation above her eye remained.  “Remarkable” was the word uttered by the neurologist repeatedly while it was explained that they had never had a case like hers.  Today, Chele Sterban continues to share all of her riveting story of the miraculous healing power of God in churches and events all across America. 

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